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Sell by Design - Not By Chance

Refine your focus to achieve greater sales. In business, nothing happens until a sale is made. The Kvell Sales Program is designed to deliver the information you need to be more successful in your sales career. Our full suite of sales training programs covers every stage of the sales process. From prospecting and opportunity management to consultative selling, negotiation, account development, and sales management, our suite of sales training programs has you covered. We’ve trained hundreds of thousands of sellers, sales managers, leaders, and professionals around the globe to help them increase sales significantly.

Kvell provides sales professionals the critical skills they need to become high performers. This program is built on the premise that buying decisions always involve two sides – your customer’s purchase process and your sales process – and trains sales professionals to apply the appropriate selling skills and techniques to advance customers through their purchase process. Selling Skills will benefit sales professionals, including account executives, account managers, inside sales representatives, and other professionals with sales responsibilities.

Each sales organization is unique, with its own culture, processes and set of abilities and challenges. Kvell training programs include pre-training consultation and are personalized for your organization with customized case studies, examples and exercises to better address your unique sales challenges and make the training more relevant to program participants. Comprehensive Selling Skills can be customized to any experience level.


What will you learn ?

How to Sell More in Less Time.

Moving from Salesperson to Sales Professional.

Immerse Yourself in Kvell Tried and True Sales Wisdom.

How to Create Greater Value for Your Product or Service.


Who should attend ?

Kvell insights and illustrations are beneficial to any leader, particularly those new to their role, interested in achieving leadership excellence through a personal journey that explores values alignment, communication strategies, and sustainment tools.

Course Details

The psychologies of selling helps the participants redefine the concept of selling and makes them believe ‘They are in the right profession’. The session also helps participants understand the Seller’s and Buyer’s psychology.

It is a known fact that people achieve peak performance with immense belief in self. The DEMONSTRATION of this tool clearly highlights the difference between conscious thinking or a desire and BELIEF. When we change our beliefs, we change our life! Participants brainstorm to identify the core Beliefs required to excel and these Beliefs are injected using powerful Kinesiology Techniques. These Beliefs bring about a huge shift in the minds of participants. Modelling the Beliefs of ‘Champion’ sales professionals is the core to make Sales Training Programs Transformational in nature!

This topic is a ‘Survivor Skill’. The probability of success in sales is directly proportional to the mastery in this art. These skills increase the effectiveness of sales training programs bringing about an in depth understanding – theoretical and practical about the power of rapport building, influential skills, covert rapport building, NLP among others

Goal Setting is an integral part of Life. This session empowers participants with a powerful goal setting technique which incorporates the power of visualization, law of attraction, ownership and the power of focus.

The session equips participants with Power Closing Tactics which would help sales professionals increase the conversion levels.