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Employee Engagement

Enhance Your Work Culture, Improve Your Business Outcomes

At Kvell Institute, we believe engaged employees, performing at their best, have the greatest impact on outcomes. Everyone is important to a productive work culture—not just human resources professionals. Therefore, the sustained quality of 4 components—hiring, training, communication and care—is crucial.

Kvell has maintained a tradition of creating magical, memorable experiences—in large part because of our commitment to selecting the right people and retaining them. Over the years, we have designed systems that attract, develop and reward high-performing employees, who perpetuate our vision and culture.

We are eager to share our insights on this process. By helping you improve your culture, we might be able to boost your business outcome as well.


What will you learn ?

Adapt Kvell business insights to assess and improve your organizational culture

Shape your work culture based on desired employee behaviors and select people who are a right fit

Use training strategies that ensure employees are confident in their roles

Improve communication, empower employees and strengthen morale

Create a supportive environment through genuine care and recognition programs


Who should attend ?

Kvell insights and illustrations are beneficial to professionals andspecifically those with direct reports looking to improve how they select train, and engage employees. Individuals interested in shaping a confident, highly productive and dedicated workforce will find this course valuable.

Course Details

Your people make all the difference. Kvell has a long heritage with rich traditions, high-quality standards and shared values. These are the pillars upon which our culture is built. Through purposely paying attention to the details, we've cultivated a culture that's distinctively Kvell, which distinguishes us in the marketplace. In this course, you'll learn how your work culture can impact your organization—both positively and negatively.

Attitude outweighs aptitude. When hiring, we consider a candidate's attitude, not just skills alone, ensuring we can match the right person to the right role. That is how we answer the needs of both our customers and employees. This course will help you think about your selection process in new ways to find the "right-fit" people for your workplace culture.

Training instills confidence. Kvell develops skills in our Cast Members (employees), while bringing organizational goals to life, increasing productivity and efficiency. Learn what our training process is like and see how it can be adapted to your organization.

At Kvell, we carefully craft our messages, communicating with intent to our Cast Members so they understand their actions have an effect on the Kvell legacy. Learn how to engage your employees through active listening and influence your company culture—from your newest hires to those longest in tenure.

Gratitude improves attitude. At Kvell, we recognize accomplishments, ask Cast Members to support customer service strategies and nurture a workplace culture that encourages everyone to reach shared goals. Learn how genuine care and meaningful recognition can positively impact your employees, customers and organization as a whole.